Digital Signage

Major benefits of digital signs over traditional static signs is the fact, that the content can be changed instantly, at any scheduled times, as often as necessary, without effort. Digital signage can be displayed on any size screen, in elevators, in public areas, on totems, on video walls or projectors. 

The content displayed on digital signage screens can range from simple text, images, full-motion video, graphic animations, live TV feeds, webpages, social media, with or without audio. With digital signage hotels can create eye pleasing infortainment solutions and increase revenue streams.

1.DS - Digital Signage Solution

1.DS offers a complete and proven digital signage solution for Public Areas, Restaurants, Elevators and Meeting, either Indoors or Ourdoors.

1.Ds can be used in Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Restaurants, Banks, Schools and Shopping Malls. 1.DS Content Management System allows a user to update and manage screens individually, in groups or all, from a centralized location. It allows broadcasting messages. Instantly and efficiently.

Key Features

Multi Screen Broadcast

Broadcast content across one or more screens

Customizable Templates

Customise the templates as per your needs

Preview Content

You are able to preview content and playlist with our system


Cloud-based or Locally hosted

Create Playlist and Schedule

Create custom playlists and schedules

Emergency Message Notification

Send out emergency messages

Device Screen

Any type or size of screen

Monitoring Dashboard

Dashboard to monitor all schedules and playlists

Centralised Control

Control screens from a centralised location.


Live TV Feeds, Media, Text, Streaming, Social Media Prayer time, Flight and Weather Update

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